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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mario Kart 64 Pc Game Free Download Full Version

Its Price is 34.99 $ but we give you it for free.

Mario Kart 64 is the second installment of the Mario Kart series, as well as the first in the series to use three-dimensional graphics. It was released for the Nintendo 64, and later became available for the Wii's Virtual Console. It featured changes in playable characters, new courses, and was placed 4th in the 100th issue of Nintendo Power's "100 best Nintendo games of all time" in 1997.[1] Mario Kart 64 has set many trends which have continued on in the Mario Kart series and introduced courses such as Sherbet Land and Wario Stadium that were used again in future Mario Kart installments.
Mario Kart 64 speeds : Put the pedal to the metal in this worthy successor to the Super NES® classic, Super Mario Kart®. Mario Kart 64 boasts great graphics, tons of unique power-ups and a stunning 3-D version of the legendary Battle Mode. With improved courses and a revolutionary head-to-head four-player mode, Mario Kart 64 is sure to win the heart of any race-driving fan. The game includes 20 different courses filled with dips, valleys, jumps, tunnels and bridges. Smooth, precise control – a trademark of all games from Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto – will bring players back time and time again for freewheeling fun.
Mario Kart 64 (マリオカート64, Mario Kāto roku-juu-yon) is a racing video game for the Nintendo 64 game system; it can utilize up to four human controlled players in some modes of play. It is the sequel to Super Mario Kart for the SNES. While being developed, it was known as Super Mario Kart R. Players take control of characters from the Super Mario Bros. video game series by racing around a variety of tracks while using several weapons; including items that make the racers' speed increase, shoot turtle-shell projectiles, and drop or throw slippery banana peels. The game was developed and published by Nintendo and released on December 14, 1996 in Japan, on February 10, 1997 in North America, and on June 24, 1997 in Europe. In January 2007, the game was made available on the Wii Virtual Console. Music for the game was composed by Koji Kondo, who has also composed scores for many Nintendo games, and Kenta Nagata.
Players must steer with the Nintendo 64's controller's control stick, holding A button down to accelerate. B button is used for braking, and also allows the players to reverse by pointing the control stick down. Items can be used by simply pressing the Z button trigger. When players press the R button trigger, they jump, allowing the kart to turn around tight corners. Turning too much or quickly, or turning side to side, results in a spinout, making the Kart stop for several seconds. If a Banana is hit while the player is driving straight, the character will skid for a while before spinning out. If the player presses the B button button, a music note will appear over the character's head, nullifying the effect of the item (this effect is also included in Mario Kart: Super Circuit). This does not work all the time, however, because sometimes, the player can skid out immediately after driving into a banana.

As opposed to the previous game in the series, Super Mario Kart, a standard race now has three laps rather than five due to the much-longer raceways compared to those found in Super Mario Kart. Additionally, the race tracks have elevation and feature different forms of terrain. To get items, the character must get an Item Box. Once the character gets an Item Box, an item-roulette will appear with medium sound, and, when it stops, will sound four "dings". Players can press the item button during the roulette to stop the roulette early.

This Game Is already installed don't need to install, if you got a problem in any case of about installed game
In this case you installed the game ownerly , game emulator setup in the " setup project 64 "
when you done it now open it and click on "File" and then click on " Open Rom"
choose the rom in from " Roms" Folder and Now Enjoy Game.
Keep Me in Your Prayers.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Puzzle My Picture Pc Game Free Download

Driver 3 Pc Game Free Download Fully Compressed


System Requirements : CPU: Pentium® 4 2 GHz 

Subway Surfer Pc Game Free Download

Friday, 6 December 2013

Latest Mozilla FireFox 26.0 Build 2 Final Download

Mozilla Firefox - faster, more secure, easier to use and sporting a new look, this latest Firefox release sets a new standard for web browser innovation. Mozilla Firefox project (formerly Firebird, which was formerly Phoenix) is a redesign of Mozilla's browser component, written using the XUL user interface language and designed to be cross-platform. It is small, fast and easy to use, and offers many advantages over other web browsers, such as the tabbed browsing and the ability to block pop-up windows. Firefox has the most ways to customize your online experience specifically for the way you use the web. There are more than 6,000 Add-ons (little extras that augment Firefox to meet your unique needs) just waiting out there to help you do more, have more fun and be more creative online. Firefox keeps your personal info personal and your online interests away from the bad guys . Simply put, your security is our top priority.

Top Ten Hollywood Movies in 2014 update

Ten the best movies by the Hollywood for 2013-2014.
1.    Man of Steel

Man of steel was released on the 14th of the June 2013 and it was remain super hit on the big screen. In fact it was a sequential of the Superman series. The people really like the story and thrill and the action in the movie. This movie stands the best movie of all the movies of the year 2013. It is at the first position in this list.
2.    Iron Man

Iron Man
The Iron man is the second the best movie of 2013. It was released on 3rd may 2013. The story is based on the fight. The action of the movie makes it higher in the list so it stands here at the number 2.
3.    Thor: The Dark World

Thor The Dark World
Thor The Dark World
It would be a great movie that is going to be release on 8th of the November 2013. The story revolves around the dark races of the ancient times. The thrilling aspects will entertain the fans so much. This is the 3rd the best movie of the year.
4.    A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard
A Good Day to Die Hard
A good day to die hard is a full thrilling and action movie and it was released on 14th of the February 2013. With much business this movie was ranked as the 4th the best movie of the year 2013.
5.    G.I Joe: Retaliation

G.I Joe: Retaliation
G.I Joe: Retaliation
It is a Sci- fi movie and it was released on 29th of the March 2013. The release of the movie was caused a year late. This movie was going to be released in the last year in 2012 but it was released now in 2013. This movie is the 5th the best movie of the year.
6.    Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim
This movie is based on the science fiction knowledge. After the hell boy in 2008 such movie was seen now. This is the sixth the best movie of the year. It was released on 12th July 2013.
7.    Monster University

Monster University was released on 21st of June 2013. It is the best animated movie of the year. The monster university is the Hollywood’s 7th the best movie of the year.
8.    Oblivion

Oblivion is a sci fi movie.  It was released in the month of the April on 19th in the year 2013. It is the eighth the best movie of the year 2013 by Hollywood.
9.    Elysium

Elysium will be released on 9th August 2013. It is a movie that  is made about the future year of 2159 when the people were living in the space ships and the poor were left on the earth in the misery then a hero will come to make equality for the both the rich and the poor. This is the 9th the best Hollywood movie in 2013.
10.    The Last Stand

The Last Stand
The Last Stand
The last stand was released on 18th January 2013. It is a comeback of great star Arnold. It is a full action movie and is the 10th the best movie by the Hollywood of 2013.

Disney Frozen 3D Full Movie Online

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Samsung Kies 2.6 Free Download

Samsung Kies connects your PC to your phone, making it easier for you to synchronise data and find new apps. Using Samsung Kies, you can view apps in full screen on your PC , no matter what network you’re on. You can personalise services too, simply by becoming a Samsung Apps member or registering your mobile phone. Take Kies for a spin to see how useful it can be in managing your files and syncing your Samsung phone with your PC! Install Samsung Kies on your PC and enjoy the option of browsing through Samsung Apps on your large computer monitor. Download multiple applications and transfer them to your mobile with ease and convenience. Enjoy the beauty of Samsung Apps, from your PC to your Samsung mobile. The easiest way to get the latest version of Samsung Kies, if you already have the software installed, is to use the built-in update function.

Samsung Kies 2.6 Free Download + Full

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