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Thursday, 30 May 2013

How to Remove Permanent Gadget Blogger Easily

How to Remove Permanent Gadget Blogger Easily - Week is I did not make a new article. Feels lonely if not make an article. Article I would share a tutorial blogger. How to remove the blogger gadget that can not be removed

Surely all users blog never felt there was a gadget or a more permanent or otherwise can not be removed? yes, of course. Opportunity this time I will share tips n tricks for how you remove it. follow these steps :

1. Login to your blogger account

2. After logging in, select the menu layout

3. Looking gadget that can not be removed, see and mark the title of the gadget

4. Then, select a menu template ==> edit html ==> tick expand widget templates

5. Title search gadget that has been marked by a search (CTRL + F). eg translate. will emerge translate code from gadgets such as this
6. Replace the phrase "true" view of "false"

7. Then save the template

8. Back to the menu layout for deleting the gadget

9. Completed

How? easy? so it's information about How to Remove Permanent Gadget Blogger Easily from me. may be useful for you

Last Step :Remember me in your Prayers.

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