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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Pirates Age 1.1.7 APK Free Download

SET SAIL NOW, HEARTIES!!! In Pirates Age, you will experience the shocking action of heavily armed warships attacking hot! The beautiful graphics and varied ocean climate represent the grand scenes of sea battle and bring you extraordinary experience.

************************************************************************** Now let’s figure out what you will be in Pirates Age **************************************************************************

* Be VIP for free! You will get PERMANENT VIP privilege once you jumped aboard and your online time levels up your VIP grade!

* Be a part of Faction! Join the ISLAND WAR and battle for the dominance of the world! Forge legion and Strategize with your friends in the community!

* Be a pirate! Recruit, Deploy, Plunder, Rob, and Hunter, this is PIRATES’ LIFE! Build your warship, train the captains, attack and conquer!

* Be the King! Challenge others in Arena and climb the ranks! Infinite sea offers all the difference, how far you can go? CHALLENGE OTHERS, CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

* Be a strategist! Train the captain with varied skills and pick the suitable ones in battle field. NOTHING IS FINAL, you will never find the “one for all” formation!

Battles between pirates and guilds may just break out at any moment!

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